2+2 International Program in DIGITAL MEDIA

A Double Degree (S.Ds. & B.Sc.) Program of Petra Christian University (2 years) and Dongseo University South Korea (2 years)


Curriculum 2020

The dynamic development of science and technology encourages us to adjust our curriculum. In the 2020/2021 school year, our curriculum evolved into Outcome Based Education Leadership Enhancement Program (OBE-LEAP). This new curriculum is in accordance with the guidance of the Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI). There are 4 OBE-LEAP pathways that can be taken by students in semester 7 and 8, namely: Global Exposure (Double Degree, in collaboration with Dongseo University, South Korea), Research Innovation, Creative Industry Internship, and Community Engagement.

Now, students can choose to study abroad in South Korea or in Petra Christian University. We are planning to enhance our networking to Netherlands. Stay tuned!

Curriculum 2016

International Program in Digital Media (IPDM) launced at 2016. We are the first international program in Faculty of Art and Design, Petra Christian University. IDM offers 2+2 International Program in Digital Media, students will learn 2 years at Petra Christian University then continue their study abroad at International College of Dongseo University, South Korea. Our graduate students will get a double degree (S.Ds. and B.Sc.) from Petra Christian University and Dongseo University.

Download Katalog Ortu Maba: petra.id/katalog-ortu-maba

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