International Program in Digital Media, was established in 2016. The main objective of this program is to supply the increasing demands of high quality digital media designers. We saw this as an opportunity for Indonesian students to learn more about digital media. We believe in with our robust curriculum, students will learn a lot and ready to take a claim on digital media.

2020 - Our First Graduates

On 6th July 2020, our first students officially graduate from Dongseo University. They are part of our first intake.

2019 - Branding, Create Your Own Mark

For 3 years, starting this year, we tried to rejuvenate our brand. We established our core value as a close-knit family who eager to learn together and move forwards without hesitation. 

2017 - The 2nd Generation

The 2nd generation students are full of talented and hard-working students, now they are on their junior year at Dongseo University. Most of them are enjoying life as students and experiencing Korean Culture to their fullest extend.

2016 - Established, the 1st generation students

At 2020, the first generation students are ready to claim their mark. At early 2020, they were in their senior year at Dongseo University and had internship at various companies.