Asia Summer Program 2019

01 Jul 2019

Asia Summer Program or ASP is a 3 week international summer program focused on topics relevant to Asia. Its primary aim is to foster future leaders who have a strong understanding of Asian cultures, a broad and creative mindset, and a talent for international collaboration. The learning environment is friendly and multicultural, often involving students from universities all across Asia.

Participating students may select 2 courses per day, 1 in the morning (before lunch) and another 1 in the afternoon (after lunch). Most courses cover topics in liberal arts and humanities with some introductory level courses in other fields. All courses are delivered fully in English and taught by esteemed instructors representing participating universities.

Each course generally equals to 2 academic credits that may be converted in the students’ academic transcript for graduation requirements at their home university though the policies may differ between participating universities. Thus, it is highly recommended for students to discuss issues concerning academic credits with the ASP representative at their home university and perhaps also with their academic advisor.


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Photo courtesy of ASP Comittee

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