Surabali 2019

28 Jul 2019

Surabali or Summer in Surabaya and Bali is a result of mutual cooperation among three excellent universities in Indonesia: Airlangga University, Petra Christian University, and Udayana University. It is as an effort to bring social awareness for youths in this global era.

The program offers a complete package about sociopreneurship. Participants will be given theories to develop their ideas for one week in Surabaya before they implement the knowledge directly in community at Bali. In addition, participants will obtain not only in-class learning method but also on-site visits, field trips, and workshop to get hands-on experience as well as sociopreneurship knowledge during the program. Participats will also experience Indonesian culture in Surabaya as well as in Bali.

By the end of program, participants are expected to have competence to identify sociopreneurship activities, map challenges, and offer ideas to improve social enterprises in the global setting.


2019 Timeline

28 July - 31 July at Airlangga University Surabaya

01 August - 04 August at Petra Christian University, Surabaya

05 August - 08 August at Udayana University, Bali


Further Inquiries:

Mrs. Sherly de Yong

Secretariat of Surabali 2019

Email |

Phone | +6231 2983409

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