Shine Brighter: Our First Graduates!!

20 Jul 2020

6th July 2020 has been our historic moment, 6 students from International Program in Digital Media had officially graduate from their study at Dongseo University, South Korea. They are students from our first intake. It was proud moment from Erandaru as Head of International Digital Media Program. "There is a feeling of relief because finally we can guide the first graduates with all the limitations as a new program," as he said proudly almost with tears.

"Learning is never ending process. This means that many things must be learned after graduation. This is only a rung, a foundation for further learning in life. Always crave and have the curiosity for something new, be humble with what you've learned, share your knowledge and wisdom, and always have passion and persistency to be better for serving others," Erandaru's message to all graduates and future students. 

3 students attended The Awarding Ceremony in Dongseo University, while the other 3 students are currently in Indonesia because of Covid-19 Pandemic. Our first graduates names are:

  • Ellysia Tirza
  • Clarissa Adi Guna
  • Nicholas Ariel
  • Yobelin
  • Elda Nadine
  • Debora Christy

Congratulation and shine brighter students!! (RVN)

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